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Coming in 2023

As an extension of our mission to help equine mothers, Abiding Sunday aspires to help women soften stress they may be experiencing as a result of issues around infertility, miscarriage/the loss of a child, childbirth, and postpartum depression and/or anxiety through equine-guided coaching. The goal is for horse and human to come together to engage body-centered processing, a method that allows the individual to explore the energy that exists within as a direct result of their experiences by noticing how energy shows up in their body and how it relates to patterns of thoughts and actions that are either authentic or inauthentic to who they are at the core. 


This is not therapy.


It is an opportunity for individuals to gain insight into who they are at their most authentic core through navigating interactions with mind, body, and behaviors.  The goal is to coach individuals towards experiencing the freedom of understanding the energy around their thoughts that guide their actions and to experience the power of being able to control those thoughts, that energy, and those actions in order to become who they want to become and live the life that they want to live.

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