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A name that means "Mother" 

They created life.

They nurtured life.

They are Moa.


And now, they are offered a never-ending day of rest. 

An abiding Sunday.


“She wasn’t producing what I wanted so I took her to the [auction].”

It is a phrase that we can only speculate has been uttered many times over as a sordid response for why they did what they did - sent their broodmare to slaughter.

Broodmares are mares kept for the sole purpose of breeding. When they no longer produce, they are no longer of use. As a result, they can find themselves at the auction houses, often only pit stops on their journey to their final destination: slaughter.

They give themselves - mind, body, and spirit - to the act of creation. They gift life to the breed, only to be discarded when they have no more life to give. That’s where Abiding Sunday comes in.

Abiding Sunday is a recently recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to the retirement and sanctuary of the great equine mothers. Simple as that. And, this page is intended to be a place of celebration of Moa - mother. A space where a community of broodmare enthusiasts (yes, we are out there!) can come together to share celebrate these horses by telling their stories and sharing their messages.

We know the worth of these special mares. We see their hearts and their spirits, and we offer them what is rightfully theirs to have - a never-ending day of rest.

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