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The Mothers of Abiding Sunday

They created life.

They nurtured life.

They are Moa.


And now, they are offered a never-ending day of rest. 

An abiding Sunday.

Anandani (JC Tahkodha Queen) - 2011 Thoroughbred Mare

Anandani’s breeder/owner passed away and left his breeding business to his son, who had no interest in filling his father's shoes. In his attempt to re-home the horses to good, caring homes, some of them ended up in the hands of kill buyers.  Unfortunately, Anandani was one of them. 

She was bailed out of a kill pen in Nebraska and found her way to Johanne Gentlebread, the founder of Abiding Sunday, who uses her as a co-coach for equine-facilitated learning and coaching sessions, a role she stepped effortlessly into! 

This girl is not only large in stature, she is large in heart and soul as well.

Anandani Alyssa Edited_edited.jpg

Frida (JC Slewessence) - 2005 Thoroughbred Mare

Frida is a former racehorse-turned-broodmare whose story had a dark chapter when she ended up in a kill pen in Oklahoma. A note was sent along with her that simply said, "Vet confirmed 65 days in foal." 


When she arrived at Abiding Sunday, she was in very poor physical condition. Her main job has been to rest, restore, and recover.

Two things have been determined since her arrival. First, she was not pregnant, which was a blessing considering the condition of her body. Second, this mare's spirit is the epitome of resilient, proving to be both soft and strong. 

Frida Straight_edited.jpg

Jack (JC Kiss N Karen) - 2007 Thoroughbred Mare

Jack is registered with The Jockey Club under the name Kiss N Karen. Though she is registered, she never raced, instead starting her life as a broodmare at the age of 4. She has had 10 foals in total and, when unable to become pregnant for two years in a row, she was donated to This Old Horse's Racehorse Reimagined Program. As a partner of This Old Horse, Abiding Sunday agreed to foster Jack while room was made for her at one of the many This Old Horse locations. 

Well, Jack had different plans for herself. She is staying with Abiding Sunday indefinitely!

She has never been ridden. She has never been trained.

She has never been more perfect.

Jack Profile.jpg

June - 2012 BLM Mustang Mare

June is a BLM mustang who was surrendered to the Kentucky Humane Society over 3 years ago with severe malnutrition due to neglect neglect, along with 20-something other horses. What is known about her is that she was captured by the Bureau of Land Management in 2013, titled in 2018, and had at least one foal.

After her donating owner spent a couple of years working with her in an attempt to have her as a partner in the equestrian world of showing, she realized that June is a wild-child at heart. And, so, she came to Abiding Sunday for sanctuary. 


June is a curious, inquisitive, and genuinely pure soul - a soul whose day of rest was long overdue.

June Front Windy.jpg

Libby (JC Miss Abbey Marie) - 2008 Thoroughbred Mare

Libby is Minnesota bred Off-Track-Thoroughbred. She retired from racing after 6 starts and was entered into the eventing world, where she sustained a career-ending injury to her coffin bone.  It was for this reason that she began to be used as a broodmare. 

After having at least 5 foals, she was donated to Abiding Sunday. 

She is quite the character! She loves attention & treats and has no issues making sure she gets where she wants to go!

We have a sneakin' suspicion that she will make a great coaching horse!

Libby among greys_edited.jpg

Mindi (JC Demiparfait) - 1999 Thoroughbred Mare

Mindi is a former racehorse-turned-broodmare. After 31 starts on the racetrack, Mindi was retired from racing and began her career as a broodmare. Thirteen years and 7 foals later, she was retired in 2020 after her final foal was weaned.

Mindi is the mother to The Mothers. She is a natural care-taker, her vigilance grounded in love and sensibility. Mindi is gentle and kind with a very deep and wise spirit. Her energy is definitely one that must be experienced first-hand!

Mindi Face_edited_edited.jpg

Piija - 1999 (est) Shetland/Mini Cross Mare

Piija came to Abiding Sunday from a farm in Cambridge, Minnesota. Her exact age is not known, however she is thought to be in her 20's. She was kept by two previous owners for breeding purposes, though she never produced a foal - she lost every one to miscarriage. 

She is a Shetland Pony/Miniature Horse cross who, though petite in physique, is mighty in spirit! She possesses so much spunk & all of the sass!

Piija Snow Front.jpg

Rosie - 2000 Arabian Mare

Known to many as the “Disney Horse”, the exact origins of Rosie are unknown. What IS known is that she was used as a broodmare and was ultimately sold to Ryon’s Rescue, a kill pen located in Minnesota. 

A family with two young children found her at Ryon’s Rescue and ended up bringing her home, where she became the young girl’s riding horse. 

The family decided it was time for Rosie to live out a life of ease and comfort in a sanctuary setting, and, so, she was brought to Abiding Sunday!

We could not be more happy with their decision. Her spirit is light, bright, and full of soft strength.

Rosie Alyssa Edited.jpg


Sikka is a 2015 grade pinto mare that was part of the foundation herd of Abiding Sunday, having come to the founder after being re-homed by her previous owner as a result of her declining health. She has had one foal, which was enough for her.


Her name means "beautiful victory", and is quite fitting. She has a calm and quiet disposition. Sikka is a grounded mare who embodies a beautiful balance of compassion and thoughtfulness.

Sikka Front.jpg

Skadi - 2008 (est) Warmblood Mare

Skadi came to Abiding Sunday on in April of 2023 from a kill pen situation. All we were told is that she is between 14 & 15 years-old, stands at 17.2 hands high, was ridden in the past but has sat out in pasture as a broodmare for the past several years. 

She was aptly named after a giantess of Norse Mythology who bow hunts in the mountains on skis and was later accepted by the gods after marrying one of them. 

Skadi’s story is the same as so many others' - when she could no longer produce, she wasn't of use. 


Welcome to your own space and rest, Mother.

Skadi Resting.jpg

Sophia (JC Tak A Joke) - 2006 Thoroughbred Mare (fostered)

Sophia's story mirrors Frida's almost exactly. She was a racehorse, became a broodmare, and wound up in a kill pen. She was located by a rescue organization devoted to bailing Off-Track-Thoroughbreds out of auction houses and kill pens. 

When a representative of one of these organizations contacted us, our pastures were full. However, a neighboring family had recently experienced a dwindling of their herd, from four horses to two. We reached out seeking a foster placement for Sophia, and they accepted!

Sophia has joined their horse herd and has firmly embedded herself in their human hearts. We don't foresee her going anywhere anytime soon!

Sophia Arena.jpg

Sunday (HOA I've Been Dreamin') - 2010 Spanish Mustang Mare

Sunday is a Horse of the Americas (HOA) registered Spanish mustang who was an active broodmare until her retirement at Abiding Sunday in October 2022. She has 2 fillies and one colt under her broodmare belt.

She is confident and grounded, a natural born leader. She is not a bossy mare, giving respect where it is due. And, though she is a no-nonsense mare, she is very smart, sweet, and full of integrity.

Sunday Snow.jpg

Sussa (AQHA Streakin Serena) - 2002 Quarter Horse Mare

Sussu is an AQHA registered broodmare out of Wyoming. Under the registered name of Streakin Serena, she has had 6 foals who have gone on to have successful careers in their trained discipline. 

She ended up in Wisconsin after being purchased at a dispersal sale upon the death of her original breeder. 

It was from that purchaser that Sussu found her way to Abiding Sunday for retirement and sanctuary.

Sussu, which is a Sami name meaning "lily", is as sweet as they come. She is eager to engage with her caretakers.  We look forward to many years with Sussu at Abiding Sunday!

Sussu Alyssa Edited_edited.jpg
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